Dadi - TP-8020A

Easy-to-use and portable test set with advanced cable locator and simple network tester in one unit.

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Softing WireXpert 4500

Softing WireXpert 4500 - Cabling Qualifier and Certifier

The WireXpert, with its unparalleled 2,500 MHz measurement range, is the first cable certifier with capability to certify the highest performance cabling systems in enterprise networks and data centers

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Calnex - Paragon-100G

Calnex - Paragon-100G - Synchronization Tester

Paragon-100G provides 40GbE and 100GbE PTP (1588) and SyncE testing to nanosecond accuracy, combined with network emulation, to prove protocol and timing performance.

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Calnex - Paragon-X

Calnex - Paragon-X - Synchronization Tester

Paragon-X is the definitive one-box solution to rigorously test SyncE, PTP and NTP synchronization mechanisms, as well as E1/T1 sync interfaces and OAM.

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Calnex - Paragon-t

Calnex - Paragon-t - Multi Port Synchronization Tester

If you’re looking to rigorously test SECs, EECs, boundary and slave clocks, Paragon-t provides simultaneous frequency, phase, ToD and SyncE wander test functions.

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Calnex - Sentinel

Calnex - Sentinel - Field Synchronization Tester

The all-in-one Field Synchronization Tester for 3G/4G/5G Mobile Backhaul, Financial Networks and Power Coms. Lab quality performance in an easy-to-use, portable package.

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Opale Systems (formerly Malden)

Opale Systems (formerly Malden)

A speech quality analyzer for VoIP, E1, LTE, ISDN and analogue interfaces providing QoS/MoS metrics for lab, field testing, cellular drive tests and in-service telco and enterprise network SLA monitoring.

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